Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…

I’m Pregnant!

I’m still not sure the exclamation point seems authentic.  I am not excited to be pregnant.  I am trying to get there tho…  Continue reading “Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…”


What it means to “Support our Troops”

Did anyone else see the headline in Washington Post (here) announcing the state of Virginia has effectively eliminated Homelessness among Veterans? Would you support this in your State? How about Nationally? This story had me thinking of President Obama’s announcement yesterday. In honor of Veterans Day he announced service member’s will now qualify for automatic in-state tuition at University.  The news was welcome but I … Continue reading What it means to “Support our Troops”

15 days

15 days: I think I have determined that is the number of days I can go without missing my husband and without feeling homeless. I have only 15 more days until I move into my house, 15 more days till John flies up here. I’m trying to stay strong in my desire to live with a positive outlook… but lately it’s been hard.  Work is … Continue reading 15 days

1 Week Down!

Hello Lovelies, I’ve been in Seattle now just short of 1 week.  Everything has been so nice here!!!! As of this moment I am watching the misty drizzle falling outside from the comfort of a LGBTQ community center and coffee house.  Work is wonderful, by taking the job here I switched from an operations role {mostly working with staff management and numbers} to a creative … Continue reading 1 Week Down!