In the spirit of PCS season: House Tour

Recently my family received news we will soon be PCSing {as many of you may be as well}

So… in the spirit of the highs & lows that come along with the hunt I decided to create a house tour vlog.

A little about our House:

For our current location we opted to use our BAH to find privatized housing is lieu of a military community.  In our case we were able to save significant money {and time} by making this choice.  By selecting privatized housing we were able to:

  • Save 1/5 of our total BAH each month for other expenses
  • Rent a much larger space
  • Avoid dealing with any breed restrictions
  • Limit my husband’s daily commute to work to only 15 minutes even in peak traffic hours
  • Diversify our commute options through close proximity to trolly, bus, ferry, and freeways {because who lets bridge closures ruin their day?}
  • Greatly increase the walkability of our daily life… Our loft earned a 97/100 walk score.  We even made it 6 months living in southern California without having{or missing} a car!
  • Within 1 mile of our home: we have 3 farmers markets, 1 MLB stadium, 2 public libraries, 3 colleges {that I know of}, 2 dog parks, 5 grocery stores, 2 shopping malls, 1 harbor, 10+ museums, and so much more I cant even list!

All that being said I fully understand choosing this kind of option is not even possible at many duty stations {or our next station for that matter} but, if anyone is looking at their next urban based duty station my hope is that you may see this and feel inspired to hop out of the bubble and really try immersing yourself in your next city. Feel free to msg below if you have any questions or comments 🙂

A note on starting my Vlog: Vlogging is definitely not my natural choice media {safe to say I’m still warming up on this one- awkward vibes} but I am loving how quick and easy it is to flow in a Vlog.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I suffer from dyslexia so my attraction to blogging is always a little ironic.  Quite literally I spend more time editing & proof reading than typing.  I also think that vlogging is helping to grow my speaking skills for work so I suppose even if I delete these videos as I go it’s still a win in the big picture.


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