Lately I’ve been grappling with the premature– bittersweet feeling of my husband receiving new orders…

1 year / 2 moves is too much!

… but this is what I agreed to {so no more sorry feelings}Β  Time for me to capture the spirit of adventure πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “PCS + ME = STRESS

  1. I can tell you that base housing really isn’t that bad. I live on post at Fort Bragg. yes they take all your BAH here (though they’re so desperate for people to live on post here they have been offering to get some BAH back), but you literally life here for free. The only bill we have aside from phone and cars is cable. I also feel safer living on post than I would off, but that’s just me. Fayetteville has a pretty nasty reputation when it comes to crime (nothing super serious, but there’s a lot of illegal activity) and I like knowing that every one of my neighbor’s has a weapon, is trained to use it and would use it for me in a heartbeat even though they don’t know me.

    I’ve never had to go through a PCS, but I did leave home (Kentucky… had been there for 26 years) to move here with my husband. That was hard and scary, but I had him and he made it easier. You’ll be okay :]

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