1 Month Youtube Anniversary

I’ve been a busy busy little bee this last few weeks so again I’ve fallen to a gap in my blogging frequency… but I’ve got to say its been a good thing work has been very engaging, and I’ve also taken some much needed time to tend to my personal life back home after loosing a woman I held very dear to a swift battle with cancer.  Lately everyday has held some new surprise, with only more to come around each bend.

In other news… It’s been a month since I began experimenting with starting my Youtube Channel. Here Are some of my Stats since then:

Minutes Watched: 1,216

Views: 462

Videos Created: 30

Subscribers: 20

Comments: 34

When I made the decision to try my hand at contributing to Youtube I also set 3 rules for myself… and made a few goals!

  1. I would not spend any money on this project until I proved it was a hobby I could stick to.  So far this has meant using only free video editing apps vs. paid apps with no watermark, recording on my phone vs. new camera, using my existing studio lights {no fancy impulse buys!}.
  2. I would try to start out by creating 1 video a day with no set topic or format to get the creative juices flowing.
  3. I would actively watch more videos in a participatory way {more subscribing to new channels, more commenting, more thumbs up/down}.

Thus far I am pleased with my progress! Youtube has proved {although mostly one-sided compared to blogging} to be gratifying.  I think If I can keep up my interest I may allow myself to buy a camera separate to my phone when all the stores have their big sales for labor day at the end of the summer.  I’m excited to see where this adventure takes me although I am still unsure what my goal is…

I suppose right now my goal is made of equal parts: 50% wanting to find a PCS-proof peer group {independent of work & my old life} for myself… and 50% wanting to provide a friendship for anyone else out there feeling alone.

I guess that’s all for now.



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