Husband on Navy Leave = Happy Wife

My Johnny is on leave for almost a whole month and I’ve gotta say I’m happy as a clam!

If there is any one thing that’s amazing about military employment I’ve gotta say: the sheer amount of leave time you can get has got to rank pretty high up there for me!

John is taking off nearly an entire month to paint & work on his artistic practice.  We are taking a long weekend starting tomorrow, but other than that we have no real vacation plans {or extra days off for me}.  Seeing my spouse engage in his passion uninterrupted for an entire month {with uninterrupted salary too!} is gratifying to say the least.

Every day I wake up & he’s already chirping away, drinking coffee, elbow deep in his work… it gives me a reason to jump out of bed with a bounce in my step; & rush home from work as fast as I can to see his latest progress.  Prior to the stability of Navy life being married to an artist was often the root of many severe arguments.  I have always been his biggest advocate, but even for me it was difficult to accept food instability in exchange for paintings with no buyer.

Art used to divide us and now I feel like it is something that unites us, it’s truly difficult to express how incredible that feels. 

Even though Johnny is an airman now & that is a big part of our life: he will always be an artist first and foremost.

Paint-cation is quite the sweet treat.


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