Shake it all up, PCS changes are freaking out this Navy Wife!

The weekend in Ojai proved to be a lovely {short lived} break,

Flash forward to this week:  In the middle of dinner last night {and my husband’s leave} we got a call from Johnny’s boss asking how we would feel out putting off our PCS move till next spring, or possibly canceling our move all together! {GAME CHANGER}

I am so tossed up about this, I really don’t know what to do.  I want to do what’s right for my husband’s career, but I don’t want to martyr my own.  I want to be where I feel happy, but I also don’t want to be a quitter.

My husband and I are not loving our current duty station (San Diego, 1 year) and initially we were scheduled to be here 4 years… but through a twist of fate we got orders to PCS to the Pacific NW after just a single year.  Although we were pleased to move back to the NW, the news did feel like it came a little too soon… so you would think I should feel relieved by the opportunity to stay put for 3 more years.
My heart wants to relocate.  I miss the trees and the rain, I miss the fresh summer berries, and mountain streams.  San Diego is not a seamless fit for me but I don’t want to be a quitter.

I’m trying to not make emotional decisions {hard!} first and foremost I want to do what makes financial sense.  I want to do what will set my husband up best for advancement.
We have a few days to decide


so here are the facts:

San Diego: not where our heart is… But we are both gainfully employed, my husband is land based, we are close to family, very few friends, super expensive cost of living but high BAH to help, we may need to move due to income restrictions at our current home {yay me for getting a raise!}, as a hippy child I feel drought guilt, the hot weather makes me feel like a beached whale, but the sunny weather keeps the blues away.

NW: a place we love{and call home}… Few{nearly no} jobs available for me, husband would be on a ship, also close to family, lots of friends, lots of salmon, low BAH but lower cost of living, lower quality housing available, I won’t die from the drought?



8 thoughts on “Shake it all up, PCS changes are freaking out this Navy Wife!

  1. It is a wrench in your plans. I would love to live in SanDiego. The moment I arrived there I fell in love. Really when making a decision, it helps me to write out the pros and cons. Happiness is definitely better than money, and I myself would always choose the option that brought me more time seeing my husband. Good luck!

    1. I think that’s what we’ve decided too. There is no certainty I will get to have him around when we move, so SD is looking like the better option.

  2. I have worries about our next PCS. We move exactly one month after my husband gets back from overseas. We are currently in a place we hate, even though it’s a decent spot for convenience and finances. However, the new duty station is in his hometown! Follow your heart. 🙂

  3. I know you mentioned previously that you’ve been having a hard time making friends in SD. When I first moved there, I felt the same way. It took about a year to find my people in the land of Barrie’s and bro-dudes. But, they are there. You never know what friends you and your hubby could make in a year. NASWI is great, and it sounds like it will probably be an option for your husband in the future as well as the present. So it’s there for you, even if now isn’t the right time.

  4. I’m sure you’ve got it figured out by now, but you should definitely do what makes you both happiest. Money is convenient and relieving, but it isn’t everything. When you think about it, what’s the first choice that pops into your head? that’s the one your heart wants. Hope everything worked out!

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