Embracing an imperfect location: 5 Things I love about our current Duty station

I know I know.  Gorgeous, Warm, and SUNNY…

San Diego, California is a natural choice for many military families’ dream sheets but for me it hasn’t been a seamless fit.  So I think it’s all the more important that I made this video.   Everyday I wake up intent to focus on the positive parts of my current home town, but somewhere around dinner time when I’m looking back on the less lovely parts of my day.

getting nearly run over while attempting to use a cross walk, garbage littering the streets, getting nearly run over again, the smell of urine baking in the hot sun, homeless people with no support system, public drunkeness, cockroaches, canvassers pestering me, daily temperature above 80 degrees, opulent green lawns wasting water by the tub full, the constant objectification of (very) young women…


I think it was important for me to sit down and count what I do LOVE about our current home;

Which Is:

(lets face it)


 I invite you to do the same: share it, tag me.  What is your favorite things about your current home?


9 thoughts on “Embracing an imperfect location: 5 Things I love about our current Duty station

  1. Thanks for all the tips! We will be stationed there and it’s good to hear good stuff about SD. I’ve been there once on vacation with my sailor and I didn’t think it was very walkable (probably because our hotel was far from main attractions). I also didn’t think BAH was so high… I just looked at the table on the military benefits website 😉 We were looking at apartments downtown and they run at least 1600$+ for a 1bd apartment.

    Were you referring to Norfolk/VA BEACH, Virginia when you were talking about military towns that wouldn’t function economically without the military? My husband likes to say that and I think he is right. Almost everyone that I encounter (in my apartment building or at the grocery especially) is in the military or is affiliated to someone in the military. The commissary here is not that great. I just felt that some of the foods are low quality and shelves are often empty. Good thing about Hampton Roads (VA beach, norfolk, etc.) is that there is always something to do.. a lot of free stuff and discounts for military families too.

    1. I don’t have any experience in Virginia yet but military towns in the NW have a reputation for being very similar in that sense. You will the the 23nd st. NEX and Commissary when you get here 🙂 there is great selection {even ethnic foods, organics, and grass fed meats} and there’s rarely an out of stock.
      Definitely keep looking downtown, it’s worth every penny for the convenience factor… not to mention low uber costs when you do want to go out & alternative ways to commute if he’s going to work on the island! traffic can be a nightmare if something like an accident happens- having the option of taking the ferry as an alternative {while leaving the car parked at work} has saved our plans on multiple occasions.
      Being stationed in SD is a lot like a vacation, you’ll definitely have fun!

  2. We come from CA! I’m from the SF Bay Area and my hubs is from up north by Clear Lake. We’ve been in Germany for 6 years and he was in Guam for 3 years before this. I hated Germany when we first got here. The first 3 years were miserable. Then we decided to IPCOT and stay an additional 3 years. I cried forever. And now we’re leaving and I’m a little sad. Our whole married life has been here. Granted we have known each other since we were 10 and 13, we only got married in 2009. It’s sad to leave behind the life we’ve built here but it will be nice to get back to the states where there’s no language barrier. We will make it a home in no time!

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