A Surprise Promotion!

After a surprise promotion last week my whole time line has accelerated!  I will be able to stay with the agency I currently work with, get to switch to servicing a client I am very excited about, I will be working in Seattle city center… The only possible downside is that I am moving NEXT WEEK, with only 15 days notice (a full month before our official PCS was scheduled)!


oh… and did I mention: I still have no place to live when I get there???

This is my current plan:

Friday: Get my car serviced and lease transferred to Washington.

Saturday: Host an Open Studio with wine and cheese reception for neighbors and friends from my husbands shop, hopefully sell or trade a few paintings before the movers come.

Sunday: Put in my last day at work, turn in my keys

Monday: Pack my things, pick up my mom for the airport

Tuesday: Set out on the open road with my dog and mom for the Emerald City… hopefully make it up to central/northern California (hoping for a night in Eureka)

Wednesday: Make it to Oregon, maybe stay in Ashland or the Coast for the night

Thursday: Pull in to my beautiful home city of Portland, OR & drop off the dog/ mom.

Friday-Sunday: Arrive in Seattle {possibly stay with a family friend} and start looking for temporary housing until our home will be ready November 1st.

Monday: First day at the new job!

The time line scares me, and all the question marks scare me… but I am so grateful to have a job with a company the appreciates me and offered me this opportunity! I know once John is deployed at some point I will be beyond grateful for the distraction and independence granted to me by my work!

PS. I’ve been lagging on my Vlogging lately due to the extreme heat {my house is too dark for quality footage} but I’m really hoping to capture this whole whirlwind trip. {I think having the memories to look back on will be a positive thing} If you are interested in watching that $h!t show go down subscribe to my channel on Youtube 😉


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