1 Week Down!

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve been in Seattle now just short of 1 week.  Everything has been so nice here!!!!

As of this moment I am watching the misty drizzle falling outside from the comfort of a LGBTQ community center and coffee house.  Work is wonderful, by taking the job here I switched from an operations role {mostly working with staff management and numbers} to a creative position {working with my whole brain and my hands!}  I feel so inspired and excited for the things to come.

I’m still a little stressed out.  I’m still homeless {well not exactly…staying at air bnb}.  I still miss my husband.  I still miss my dog.

I’m just keeping in mind that all of these things are temporary, John will be up here soon with his new duty station, soon I will have an apartment {I put in an application yesterday on a 1 bedroom apartment}, and soon C.Z. and I will be touring all the finest dog parks Seattle has to offer!

Also- I’ve still been more active with my You Tube channel, so subscribe on there if you wanna see my day to day fun {…and frustrations}


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