15 days

15 days:

I think I have determined that is the number of days I can go without missing my husband and without feeling homeless.

I have only 15 more days until I move into my house, 15 more days till John flies up here.

I’m trying to stay strong in my desire to live with a positive outlook… but lately it’s been hard.  Work is very busy, so time for skype has been low.  Also I’ve been trying to save money by living on the cheap, this week I stayed in a $30.00 a night Hostel.  I love saving the money but the lack of privacy is really wearing me down.

Focusing on this won’t get me anywhere tho.

I’m going to keep my chin up & eye on the prize, being in a military relationship is difficult.  I knew the challenges to come when my husband enlisted.  I know that all the stress now will be worth it when John is done with all this. When John is out we will have a strong financial foundation and the freedom to live our passions, John as a full time artist and me- as whatever i decide 🙂


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