Will this PCS ever end?!

I have felt lately like this PCS will never end.  I have an apartment but can’t move in yet & I have a husband but can’t see him yet… There’s lots of little details missing in my life since moving north but those are the two for which my patience has grown most thin.
I packed so minimally for this move.
Litterally this is what I’ve had for the last month:
-1 small suitcase of clothes
-1 backpack of electronic essentials
-1 towel
-1 air mattress and set of bedding… Which i haven’t even used yet!

Next week I finally get keys and finally pick up John at the airport. Seriously. It cant come soon enough.

Power to all the folks out there who have dominated messy military moves. I aspire to learn your magical ways.


6 thoughts on “Will this PCS ever end?!

  1. I completely relate to this. I’m moving this week, don’t know when I’ll see my hubby or when we can live together again! I’ve just got an air mattress and the basics I could fit in my car! It’s a crazy life!

  2. The unsung heroes of the domestic front.Thank you , you gracious ladies
    for putting up with all of this. Joining the military is a joint effort for couples. God bless you. Great blog ,Tonneli.love you.

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