WE MADE IT!!!! {barely} pt.1

It hasn’t been very long since my last update but so much has changed already!

In my last few blog posts I was feeling a bit fatigued by the move to my new Job in Seattle, getting keys to my apartment felt like it was never going to happen!  On top of finding a place for myself during the work week I also had the hunt for a home for John and I near his base looming over my head.

Hunting for housing in Whidbey island was getting me very down in the dumps.  We are not ready to buy a house at this time in our life, and my husband does not want to live on base… so moving to the island renting was our preferred choice.

Plus, I have a long record of living in beautiful & interesting places so the thought of moving to an island seemed like an architectural GOLD MINE!  Google image searches and instagram hashtags of #naswi, #whidbey, #anacortes all looked like dreams come to life… so imagine my SHOCK when I looked on the rental listings only to find squalor and warnings of scam artists.  It was a fast hard reality check.  Online housing searches were fielding nothing within our unrealistically low BAH allowance.  In San Diego we had $400 left over of BAH every month which we could use towards other expenses.  Here I was having a difficult time even finding housing to meet our requirements within budget {dog friendly, no carpet, indoor plumbing}.

notice the BAH here, $1050.00

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.42.54 PM

Notice average rent cost… $1207.00 😦 😦 😦

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.15.45 PM

Clearly private housing wasn’t working out, but luckily my husband and I had thought ahead of this possibility and signed up for the military housing wait list as soon as we got news of our PCS {6 months prior to the move}.   I knew my husband was not a fan of  living so close to work but after talking it over we mutually decided it was our only viable option.


Feeling a bit bummed out but excited to try something new my husband called our new housing office with our estimated date of arrival only to be told there was no housing available for the forseeable future.  Nevermind the fact that 2 months prior to us arriving we received a call from this same housing office informing us a 4 bedroom house was ready and waiting for us.  Having heard horror stories of families being left homeless and new duty stations we quickly turned down the offer so some one else on the list {already at the base} could have the house… which was far too large for us anyway.

This put me in a really dark hopeless place.

My husband and I discussed him staying in the barracks and I in the city.  I told him it could be temporary and he could visit on weekends, that this was better than getting scammed into signing a lease for a scary place.

Not knowing what to do I reached out to the online community at our new station. Other MilSOs warned me against using Craigslist for housing in the region due to the high rate of predatory landlords.  I followed their heed and began reaching out to reputable realtors.  The most highly recommended of these was Whidbey Island Windermere in Oak Harbor {who I can now say I also recommend}.  Even this was not pulling up much… especially in my price range.  They literally offered ONE property at BAH but ZERO that met my requirement of minimal carpet/ allowing 1 small dog.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.22.41 PM

Everything that fit my search criteria was $1200 or more per month, plus utilities.  I really life was feeling LAME.

and then. magically.


I clicked refresh on my browser while I’d been viewing the page a new listing was added!!!

There it was OUR NEW FARM HOUSE, sitting pretty on an acre of waterfront land!!!!!

(check back later this week for part 2)


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