Naval History: Veterans Day Edition


My husband works like GIRL

there, I said it.

…and I couldn’t be MORE PROUD of him!

My Husband is a member of the US Navy, where he works as a Parachute Rigger.  What makes this job interesting is that this is a job filled almost entirely by women in during World War 2.

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

I am an avid researcher of all things.  When my husband made the decision to enlist it did not take me very long to uncover the history of his job.  While scanning back through historical articles & news reels I saw lot of footage of men in the 1990’s explaining how important the safety work performed by PRs is to pilots, in Vietnam era I watched footage of men skillfully packing entire army jeeps for parachute drops into remote jungle areas, and then as I peeled back the layers of the onion to the golden era of Naval Aviation: there it was… the first Parachute Riggers.  Much to my surprise these photos were not of service men, but rather- women.  Almost entirely photos of women.  These Women belonged to a part of the Navy called the WAVES.

source: wikipedia
source: wikipedia

At first when I told my husband of this history he was a bit insulted

Maybe it was the way I said it?

“Did you know your new job used be only done by CHICKS?!”

I was so excited.  After he took a moment to process what I meant by what I was saying, he also filled with pride & excitement.  It isn’t hard to sell a young man on the glory of becoming a Top Gun but to sell them on the glory of making sure that Top Gun safely returns from his missions {even if the unthinkable happens?} that’s a little tougher.  Looking through these proud photos and reading through the stories of these female veterans is truly inspirational to any gender.

Thank you to all Veteran’s.  Whether you serve(ed) as a Cook, Pilot, Graphic Designer, or Gunner your job was/is important.

In Honor of veterans day I invite you to share the story of a rate or veteran close to your heart.


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