What it means to “Support our Troops”

Did anyone else see the headline in Washington Post (here) announcing the state of Virginia has effectively eliminated Homelessness among Veterans?

Would you support this in your State?

How about Nationally?

This story had me thinking of President Obama’s announcement yesterday. In honor of Veterans Day he announced service member’s will now qualify for automatic in-state tuition at University.  The news was welcome but I still had to ask myself why hasn’t this happened sooner…


Why do service members pay for school at all?

Would free education result in a plague of PHDs who also know firearm safety?

A very small percentage of Americans serve in the military, and out of that population not all will pursue higher education.  So why can’t we as tax payers support their education?  I’d gladly spend my tax dollars on that instead of corn subsidies.  If a service member or veteran is accepted into Harvard Law or MIT shouldn’t they get the same percentage of their education paid for as the soldier who follows her passion of culinary school or the sailor who goes to community college?
The GI bill is fantastic- but I can’t help but think it is still penalizing ambition.

As Americans we all love to say we support our troops, we respect our veterans, and we believe this is the greatest nation.

Why can’t we put out money where our mouth is?

I’d love to see all those people with 9/11 tchotchkes and ribbon shaped bumper stickers actually support “their troops” in a way that physically gives our military members a way to thrive.  Why do we accept homelessness as hopeless side effect of war? Why do we allow our heroes to be denied of the best education possible?

Maybe if all those proud patriots who purchased American Sniper tickets to show their true colors had instead spent that money on postage for letters {which they cared enough to write} to their elected officials… Maybe then I wouldn’t be writing this post.

…but alas, this is America.

end fantasy theory rant.


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