Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…

I’m Pregnant!

I’m still not sure the exclamation point seems authentic.  I am not excited to be pregnant.  I am trying to get there tho…  Continue reading “Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…”


15 days

15 days: I think I have determined that is the number of days I can go without missing my husband and without feeling homeless. I have only 15 more days until I move into my house, 15 more days till John flies up here. I’m trying to stay strong in my desire to live with a positive outlook… but lately it’s been hard.  Work is … Continue reading 15 days

1 Week Down!

Hello Lovelies, I’ve been in Seattle now just short of 1 week.  Everything has been so nice here!!!! As of this moment I am watching the misty drizzle falling outside from the comfort of a LGBTQ community center and coffee house.  Work is wonderful, by taking the job here I switched from an operations role {mostly working with staff management and numbers} to a creative … Continue reading 1 Week Down!