An update on my “nice Grrrl Problems” Post

The house guest situation went great! She was super nice and very thoughtful… so much so that this morning I woke up to this BBB {big beautiful bouquet} of Orchids and Dahlias as a thank you gift! For the most part she did her own thing but on her first day visiting- prior to work, I gave her a quick walking tour of the city: … Continue reading An update on my “nice Grrrl Problems” Post

Nice Girl Problems?

Tis’ the season here in San Diego: IT’S COMIC CON!!!! The convention has not officially opened however the city is very much buzzing and alive already.  People are flooding the city and hotels are over-booked for the week. Among the people flooding San Diego are many vendors and contractors, among which I include quite a few friends… and a multitude of familiar faces. I want … Continue reading Nice Girl Problems?