10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife

I invite anyone else to continue with this tag and share their pearls of wisdom 1) Joining the military was like going HD: my husband is the same warm, kind, and creative person as before.  Only now he is organized, has more free time, and better grooming habits! 2) Plans mean nothing: Think you’re going to be living somewhere for 4 years- Guess what? You … Continue reading 10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife

Thinking About School

A new city: a new me? Maybe. Prior to relocating to San Diego I was living more for work than for myself.  Resigning from my position meant more than kissing a sweet paycheck goodbye. Resigning meant cutting off the shackles of my company issued i phone, 24/7 text messages, middle of the night emergencies which required personal response, and the personal guilt that came with … Continue reading Thinking About School

Equal for Real

A big day for Equal Rights!!!!!!! … A decade late. I am so proud of the news today regarding the freedom to marry in Oregon… Also just in time for Memorial Day the first same sex MilSO was rewarded survivor benefits retroactively honoring her LEGAL marriage and the sacrifice of her wife. This victory of justice is great news! In addition to having many friends … Continue reading Equal for Real

What weird habit have you picked up?

I feel like everyone has stories of things they do to stay busy while their SO is away. Some of these things are normal {some of them less so} All that matters to me is that whatever you do works to pass the time in a {mostly} healthy way. My “normal” thing: Becoming a Workaholic My “weird” thing: IKEA Lots of MilSOs talk about finding new … Continue reading What weird habit have you picked up?