Nice Girl Problems?

Tis’ the season here in San Diego: IT’S COMIC CON!!!! The convention has not officially opened however the city is very much buzzing and alive already.  People are flooding the city and hotels are over-booked for the week. Among the people flooding San Diego are many vendors and contractors, among which I include quite a few friends… and a multitude of familiar faces. I want … Continue reading Nice Girl Problems?

Sketch Book vs. Smash Book Review Video

Check it out 🙂 I made a SMASH book to keep all my boot-camp, a-school, and general military related keepsakes safe. Here’s why you should too! One of the top trending topics I come across is consistently some variation of: “how will I stay positive during  ________ ?” “how will I stay entertained with out my partner?” “how can I pass the time while _______ … Continue reading Sketch Book vs. Smash Book Review Video

10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife

I invite anyone else to continue with this tag and share their pearls of wisdom 1) Joining the military was like going HD: my husband is the same warm, kind, and creative person as before.  Only now he is organized, has more free time, and better grooming habits! 2) Plans mean nothing: Think you’re going to be living somewhere for 4 years- Guess what? You … Continue reading 10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife