Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…

I’m Pregnant!

I’m still not sure the exclamation point seems authentic.  I am not excited to be pregnant.  I am trying to get there tho…  Continue reading “Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it…”


10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife

I invite anyone else to continue with this tag and share their pearls of wisdom 1) Joining the military was like going HD: my husband is the same warm, kind, and creative person as before.  Only now he is organized, has more free time, and better grooming habits! 2) Plans mean nothing: Think you’re going to be living somewhere for 4 years- Guess what? You … Continue reading 10 Things I know now about being a Navy Wife

True Story: I was Illiterate

I could not repeat my ABC’s on paper until age 10. Lately I have been following a few of the various military lifestyle themed hash-tags{more than I usually would},  I suppose knowing that my first orders to PCS will be soon arriving has me looking to find some sort of comradery. Reading blogs and glancing through instagram tags there are so many nice people posting encouragement, but … Continue reading True Story: I was Illiterate

Equal for Real

A big day for Equal Rights!!!!!!! … A decade late. I am so proud of the news today regarding the freedom to marry in Oregon… Also just in time for Memorial Day the first same sex MilSO was rewarded survivor benefits retroactively honoring her LEGAL marriage and the sacrifice of her wife. This victory of justice is great news! In addition to having many friends … Continue reading Equal for Real

A New Job

I Got a B-I-G Promotion: But What will I do with it? Feeling very excited this week because I finally got to taste the fruits of my labor. Since my husband has been gone I have really poured myself into work.  My typical day starts with heading into the office around 9:30 am, doing desk work all day then heading home around 5:00 pm… Once … Continue reading A New Job

The Libertarian’s Dilemma

  Hello, my name is Tonné and I am a Libertarian. “Libertarianism (Latin: liber, “free”) is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end. This includes emphasis on the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association. It is an antonym of authoritarianism. Although libertarians share a skepticism of governmental authority, they diverge on the extent and character … Continue reading The Libertarian’s Dilemma